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Tradeflow Accelerator

Trade Accelerator is our versatile CRM software that enhances business communication by integrating texting, calling, and emailing with leads. It also offers Facebook ads management to help businesses attract more clients. This comprehensive tool simplifies lead engagement and boosts client acquisition efficiently.


4 stage process for more leads.

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Foundation Building

  • Making a good deal: Create a deal that people really want by understanding what they need, then keep making it better based on what they tell you.

  • Synchronizing accounts: Make sure Facebook works well with your customer tracking tools, so you can understand your customers better and send them more of what they like.

  • Meta Page Overhaul: Check your Facebook page, make it look good and interesting, and make sure it matches what you're all about so more people will pay attention to it.

24/7 Customer Engagement 

  • Instant Contact: TradeFlow Accelerator immediately reaches out to potential customers showing interest, ensuring timely engagement.

  • Automated Follow-Ups: TradeFlow Accelerator continues the conversation with interested leads using automated email sequences, helping you nurture and recover short-term leads effortlessly.

  • Streamlined Lead Management: Keep all potential customer information organized and easily accessible using TradeFlow Accelerator, enhancing your lead tracking and follow-up efficiency.

Content That Converts

  • Using ads that we know work: Create ads that grab people's attention, and try out at least four new ideas every month to see what works best.

  • Using verbiage for homeowners: Write post titles that share a story or a fact, instead of just trying to sell something; it makes people more interested.

Nurturing Sales System

  • Long-Term Lead Recovery: TradeFlow Accelerator re-engages old leads with special promotions, helping you bring back interested customers who haven't made a purchase yet.

  • Cost-Efficient Lead Management: Use TradeFlow Accelerator to run A/B tests on your strategies, reducing the cost of acquiring leads over time by finding what works best.

Get Your Leads Now

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