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Everest Air

TradeFlow Accelerator's simple yet effective strategy of utilizing varied advertising creatives and targeted campaigns for Everest Air generated 44 leads and achieved a 60% conversion rate in the slow season.


Everest Air, an HVAC service provider known for AC tune-ups and replacements, faced the common industry challenge of a significant slowdown during the off-peak season. The goal was to overcome this seasonal dip and engage more customers without resorting to complex marketing strategies.


  • Boost Lead Generation: Increase the number of inquiries from potential customers during the slow season.

  • Enhance Conversion Rates: Improve the rate of leads converting into actual jobs.

  • Optimize Advertising Effectiveness: Identify the most effective advertising creatives and channels.


Creative Experimentation

Instead of deploying a wide-ranging marketing strategy, Everest Air focused on creating a diverse set of advertising creatives. This approach allowed for testing different messages, visuals, and offers to see which resonated most with the target audience. Creatives highlighted the unique selling points, such as 0% financing on new AC units and promotions on AC tune-ups and replacements.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

These creatives were then distributed through targeted advertising campaigns, primarily using digital platforms known to reach the company's ideal customer demographic. The performance of each creative was closely monitored to assess engagement and conversion metrics.

Automation and Follow-Up

To enhance the effectiveness of these campaigns, Everest Air implemented automation in their CRM system. This ensured that potential customers who did not initially respond to the outreach were sent booking links automatically, keeping the communication lines open and reducing the chances of losing a lead.


Leads Generated: The approach was a success, generating 44 leads in the first month of implementation.

Conversion Rate: The closing rate for these leads was remarkably high at 60%, indicating that the targeted creatives were well-received by the audience.

Optimization Insights: The campaign provided valuable insights into which types of creatives and offers were most effective, allowing Everest Air to optimize future advertising efforts.


Everest Air's strategy of focusing on creative experimentation and targeted advertising proved to be a cost-effective and efficient way to increase leads and conversions during their slow season. By leveraging a variety of creatives and automating follow-up communications, they were able to engage more customers, optimize their advertising spend, and improve their overall sales process. This case study underscores the power of focused, creative approaches in overcoming seasonal business challenges.

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