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Desert Comfort Utah

TradeFlow Accelerator's targeted digital marketing and sophisticated automation strategy for Desert Comfort Utah, a new HVAC business, generated 12 leads and achieved a 70% conversion rate to booked appointments in the first week. This rapid success established a strong operational foundation for the business's future growth.

Desert Comfort Utah,

a new entrant in the HVAC market with no initial traffic or appointments, resulted in a noteworthy early success. Faced with the challenge of establishing a presence in a competitive market, the goal was to quickly generate leads and convert them into booked appointments.


  1. Generate Immediate Leads: Quickly establish a lead generation mechanism to kickstart operations.

  2. Convert Leads to Bookings: Ensure a high conversion rate from leads to actual appointments.

  3. Leverage Automation for Efficiency: Utilize automation and software to streamline the booking process.


Targeted Digital Marketing

TradeFlow Accelerator launched a focused digital marketing campaign aimed at rapidly increasing brand awareness and lead generation. The campaign targeted potential customers within Desert Comfort Utah's service areas, highlighting the unique value propositions and services offered by the new business.

Automation and Software Integration

Recognizing the importance of swift and efficient lead management, TradeFlow Accelerator implemented a suite of automation tools and CRM software. This setup was designed to capture leads effectively and move them quickly through the funnel from initial contact to booking appointment.


  • Leads Generated: The strategy was an immediate success, generating 12 leads in the first week.

  • Conversion Rate: Each of these leads was converted into a booked appointment, demonstrating the effectiveness of the automation and follow-up process.

  • Operational Kickstart: For a new business, this swift operational ramp-up was crucial, setting a solid foundation for future growth and customer engagement.


The early success of Desert Comfort Utah underlines the impact of a well-coordinated strategy combining targeted digital marketing with sophisticated automation and software solutions. By focusing on generating immediate leads and efficiently converting them into bookings, TradeFlow Accelerator helped Desert Comfort Utah overcome the initial hurdle of entering a competitive market, setting a precedent for future growth and success.

Power in Numbers (week One)


Leads Genereated


Appointments booked


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