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Ballard Interiors

TradeFlow Accelerator significantly enhanced Ballard Interiors' digital marketing efficacy by reducing their Facebook ad lead costs by $30 and increasing their booking rate, leading to 13 new appointments in the first month. This success was further supported by implementing lead management automations for immediate engagement with potential clients.

For Ballard Interiors,

a company previously struggling with low conversion rates and high lead costs from their in-house Facebook ad campaigns, TradeFlow Accelerator devised a tailored strategy to enhance performance and efficiency in their digital marketing efforts. This case study outlines the approach taken to not only reduce the cost per lead but also significantly improve the booking rate, culminating in a notable increase in appointments within the first month.


Ballard Interiors, specializing in interior design services, aimed to leverage Facebook advertising to attract more clients. However, their self-managed campaigns were not yielding the desired ROI, characterized by high lead costs and disappointing booking rates.


  1. Reduce Lead Costs: Significantly lower the cost associated with acquiring leads through Facebook ads.

  2. Increase Booking Rates: Improve the conversion rate of leads to actual booked appointments.

  3. Implement Lead Management Automations: Streamline the lead management process to enhance responsiveness and engagement.


Optimization of Facebook Advertising

TradeFlow Accelerator conducted a thorough analysis of Ballard Interiors' existing Facebook ad campaigns, identifying inefficiencies and areas for optimization. By refining targeting criteria, ad creative, and messaging, we aimed to attract more qualified leads at a lower cost. This involved A/B testing various elements to determine the most effective combinations.

Implementation of Automations

Understanding the critical role of timely follow-up in converting leads, we introduced automation tools to Ballard Interiors' lead management process. Specifically, we set up automations to immediately text leads upon their entry, thereby increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Analytics and Continuous Improvement

Continuous monitoring of campaign performance allowed for ongoing adjustments and optimizations. By leveraging data analytics, we were able to further refine targeting and creative strategies to continuously improve lead quality and reduce acquisition costs.


  • Reduced Lead Costs: The optimizations and strategic adjustments made to the Facebook ad campaigns resulted in a $30 reduction in lead acquisition costs.

  • Increased Booking Rates: These improvements, coupled with more efficient lead management through automations, significantly enhanced the booking rate.

  • Appointments Booked: In the first month following the implementation of these strategies, Ballard Interiors booked 13 new appointments, marking a substantial improvement from previous performance levels.


TradeFlow Accelerator's intervention for Ballard Interiors showcases the transformative impact of strategic advertising optimizations and the integration of automation in the lead management process. By meticulously analyzing and refining their Facebook ad campaigns and enhancing lead engagement through immediate text responses, we were able to significantly reduce costs per lead and increase booking rates. This case study underscores the value of expert analysis, strategic ad management, and automation in achieving superior marketing outcomes.

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